ANGIE NG AY HOON The girl who has a thing for cult movies and songs not played in the radio. She is both sides of a coin – quiet and reserved when you first met her, but she has her own opinions and things can get crazy when you finally get to know her. Devoted to film photography and enjoys editorial.
+60 17 967 2898 ayhoon_ng@yahoo.com behance.net/yanngie
WANDER What happens to us when we have ‘nothing’ to do? We start to think, creativity sprouts and we are in our own private world. The idea for Wander is about the essence of nothingness — To spend time with our own mind while doing nothing. When the mind and body is detached, our body goes into autopilot. Dictated by our subconscious, we start to perform certain gestures and repeated actions. These gestures would later become part of our body language. This project is an observation of our mind and body using jewelries as the medium.