AVINAASH SURESSH NARAYANAN A graphic designer and illustrator that enjoys working on challenging projects that provide value to the world. He has the ability to learn new software and techniques quickly, problem solve and plan time effectively. He possesses good technical knowledge of imaging for both print and web. He is confident working in large organizations, as part of a team or individually.
+60 16 636 8583 avinaash89@gmail.com behance.net/avinaashnarayanan
LET’S MAKE IT PERSONAL Are you desensitised to human rights violations? Let’s Make It Personal is a campaign to reinforce the brand ethos of taking injustice personally by Amnesty International. To create awareness and encourage Generation Y to get in on aiding Amnesty’s efforts to battle human rights violations worldwide, this campaign aims to remove racial, religious, and geographical divides on real Amnesty International cases around the globe, such that the target of the campaign truly feels and understands what it feels like to have their human rights violated. This is achieved by making cases seem like it is happening near the target, which offends them, and later sheds light on Amnesty and its fight. There are two parts to this campaign. It is executed using Amnesty’s website, social media and print media.