CARSON TAN KIEN YEE “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” - Einstein, A. A dreamer and a curious learner, loves learning things and creating things. Chasing curiosity is key to his creative process. By eternally chasing curiosity, it creates new beginnings and possibilities for every ending he has reached.
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WAWANDA What if we could remix kids’ creativity from all around the globe? Curious kids are unimaginably powerful, with the sense of wondering, it offers opportunities for unique learning experience, to explore the possibilities of different things and encourage the practice of self development and growth. WAWANDA collects works and ideas from kids and turn them into tangible materials such as books, magnet pieces and pillowcases. The idea of combining is to allow kids from all over the globe collaborate and share their curiosity, in hope that it will cultivate a global sense of wonder.