CARYN TAN SUE-YI Daredevil, explorer, and depth seeker. Her daily essentials are music and ice cream. She loves mistakes, as she believes that good turns out from it certainly. She sees failure as a new challenge to breakthrough, an opportunity for personal growth. She creates to connect - to the heart.
+60 17 383 1959 sueyi94@gmail.com behance.net/creep-yi
BITTERSWEET Isn’t love a whole lot of BS? Love hurts; there you grow. BitterSweet is a dark chocolate brand that serves to be a companion, giving a hand to the broken hearts. Emphasizing the aftertaste of love being both painful and pleasant, BitterSweet shares different journeys of love as how it is an inspiration, mingled with grief, and a blessing with a curse. The mission is to deliver a new way of thinking towards the imperfection of love; how and why embracing broken love assists in leading to a better understanding of love and ourselves. Believing that it is the taste of how sweet derives after the bites of bitterness, in fact, a self realisation.