TEH DERYIN She finds and appreciates the beauty in the mundane and loves nothing more than reinventing the mundane into aesthetically meaningful and inspirational designs that can be interpreted in various ways.
+60 16 909 4966 deryinteh@gmail.com behance.net/deryinteh
SELFIE Why must we conform to standards by others when we can be our best self? SELF!E is a cosmetic line that creates room for people to be their best. “Being An Example Rather Than Conforming To Others.” By constant exploration and self discovery, we will find what is the best in us and we will become the best for ourselves. The packaging design is inspired by polaroid film and is coated with thermochromic ink that reacts to warm hands and temperatures. Touching the ink with your hand leaves your fingerprint on the packaging. As the fingerprint verifies our identity of an individual, this makeup set belongs to you and you alone as soon as you hold it in your hand.