CHONG ENG SHEN Majoring in graphic design, she is also an illustrator who specializes in traditional watercolour. Highly motivated and passionate about art and design in general. A designer who pays attention to details and process of each design outcome.
+60 12 310 1109 hanhan.ces@gmail.com behance.net/engshenc
MELANCHOLIA Imagine seeing the world through a negative vision. How would it be? MELANCHOLIA is a visual narrative project consisting a series of three photographs and cinemagraphs that tells the stories of depression. This series conveys the story of the depressed and the perception of their world they live in through extreme negative aspects. It is scientifically proven that depression can cause a “greying” effect to a person’s eyes that alters their visual perception in such way that they perceive their surroundings in a desaturated manner. This finding leads to the approach of using a full black art direction that creates shades of grey to portray how depression colors the way that its patients see the world. The project aims to convey the story and emotional state of a depressed person, to raise awareness to the mental illness of depression, and to break the silence of depression.