TENG HOOI PENG She prefers you call her HP. She is a person of distinct personality and she loves vibrant colors. As a graphic designer, she thinks that a good design can make the audience happy. Hence, her career goal is to be a designer who put a smile on your face through her creative work.
+60 16 303 3202 hphooipeng@gmail.com behance.net/hphooipeng
NAILOS Why do we frown upon men who wear nail polish? NAILOS is an unisex nail polish product aimed at tackling the stereotype of femininity associated with nail polish. The brand wants to tell the society that there is nothing wrong with men wearing nail polish, and encourages men who likes nail polish to be confident with themselves wearing it. Belonging to fashion, nail polish shouldn’t really be made into a stereotype. To further address it, the brand uses a spray-on nail polish as opposed to the conventional liquid bottle that rings of feminine characteristics. Ultimately, NAILOS wants to urge that nail polish should be a unisex product.