CHIA JIUN PHENG Funny and sometimes emotional. She likes to think that a world without negative emotions would function better for her, and it is the same when it comes to design. She believes the overall quality, either from the process or the outcome, serves as the key for successful design.
+60 17 410 3801 jiunpheng@gmail.com behance.net/jiunpheng
BASELINE What if we were blind to the colour of our skin? BASELINE is a skin care product line that conveys a clear message of what should we really pursue: A healthy skin over the iconized, measured, idealistic skin color. The visual of the packaging is inspired by skin textures, explaining the quality of a healthy skin. Each of the product bottles are inspired by the irregular forms of the human skin cell. The color of both the packaging and bottles in skin color to associate what’s underneath is still the same as BASELINE, not helping the user to achieve a fairer skin.