LEONG KUAN SIN Born as a Singapore baby, raised as a “Taiping Lang”(Taiping person) and seeking an adventure as a KL dude and proud Arsenal fan. He see things in a logical manner, but believes in the existence of emotion. Explored psychology during his time in A-levels and experimental with his design and illustrations..
+60 12 520 3360 chezzzydesigns@gmail.com behance.net/Chezzzy
SMK BUDAK NAKAL How can we relive our high school memories? SMK Budak Nakal is a brand and board game themed around stories revolving around the craziness in Malaysian Secondary School. Taking nostalgic memories of those times and turning it into interactive fun played between friends as a fun trip down memory lane rather than a phone staring contest. SMK Budak Nakal also has a comic series, poster and more all relating to Malaysian’s experience.