JUNIOR LIM LEONG CHONG He always seeks out new technique and software which could speed up and enhance his workflow. He is cheerful, talkative, and likes to stick around with people. Design is a journey to him, his road of creativity will continues to run throughout his life.
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EXPLORING MALACCA What if the landmarks become the tour guide? Exploring Malacca is an Android tourism app, made to help backpacking tourists in Malacca. This application aims to give its user an overview on the popular or interesting news from the famous landmark without the aid of a tour guide. Scanning the QR code found around the landmarks unlocks further detailed content, which also increase the interaction between the user and the phone which extend the usability of the phone beside that taking photo. By adding these function to the app, it helps the user to have a better and more pleasant experience in Malacca. The way we explore will be changed, as all of these information will be located in a simple application.