MICHELLE NG MEI XUE She loves everything to be serene as she is then able to think efficiently and rationally for her projects. As a graphic designer, she likes to slow down and feel the beauty of every single thing. Besides, she hopes to explore more by combining music and graphic design in the future.
+60 16 236 7838 michellengmeixue@hotmail.com behance.net/micxue
YUM CHA How do we get youngsters to get in touch with the tea tradition today? The younger generation today tend to think that Chinese tea is only for the old folks. Yum Cha is a project aimed at changing the youngsters’ mindset towards Chinese tea. The concept derived from the term of “yum cha”, a colloquial popular among youngsters today when inviting friends out to have a drink and catch up with each other. This branding hopes to build interest towards Chinese tea among youngsters as well as bringing out the contemporary vibe while staying true to the culture of Chinese tea.