PATRICIA WONG SU YIN She is attracted to both web design and front-end web development and would like to bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation. She is also familiar in multiple platforms such as web and mobile in visual and user interface design. She thinks of herself as a learner that is motivated in trying new ways of doing things.
+60 19 326 7527 patricia_wong94@yahoo.com patriciawongsy.com
EYE SEE COLOURBLIND What if you were not able to distinguish between red and green? Eye See Colourblind is an awareness website that puts the user in the shoes of a colourblind through six different daily scenarios. This project aims to bring awareness to the difficulties of a color blind to go about their daily lives when it is simple for non colour-blinds.This website hopes to inspire third party action to design other solutions so that colour blinds could also see the world in a better light.