RAMESH ROBERT WESTON His approach to life and design is rather similar - the only way you are moving forward is to learn as much as you can. He likes to do things – lots of different things; that is the only way he knows he is learning as much as he can; because if you’re not learning, you’re not moving forward.
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MY WAY MUSIC What can we do to bring back the significance of albums and album art? The sad thing about music albums today is that people no longer buy full albums; it’s just singles after singles; artists are making more and more songs to be sold as singles, rather than full albums that tell a story; and album art is nowhere near as significant as what it was back in the golden years of music. My Way Music combines the significance of the ‘old’, with the personality of the ‘new’. Allowing you to create their own album art for your own albums. My Way Music grants you full creative control – making your album experience personal again – users are able to purchase your albums as a CD, vinyl record, or as a digital copy they can throw into their own portable listening device. As Frank Sinatra sang, “I did it my way”. So why not do it your way? My Way Music.