SAMANTHA ANN THOMAS She enjoys experimenting with traditional media, as it helps in crafting her personal style and creativity. She’s interested in the publication of books, from illustrations to content to layout arrangements, and would like to try her hand in copywriting. In her free time, she enjoys making hand crafted projects and installations to be later sold on her online store.
+60 12 519 1051 samtomaz@gmail.com behance.net/samtomaz
THE BOOK OF CONUNDRUMS How often do we weigh faith against fact in our daily lives? The Book of Conundrums (Science edition) is part of a two part book series that touches on Religion and Science. It is meant for its readers to read and reflect on their own stands and beliefs, weighing faith against fact in their daily lives and to develop a sense of respect and tolerance towards Science and Religion. This book talks about how neither Science nor Religion is wrong. It is not made to disprove theories of science believers but to question conundrums that are currently present in the theories of science and enable believers of science not to question people of other beliefs, but to try and reflect on their own beliefs objectively.