SIAU SHI JUN He is, sometimes a tinkerer, ponderer, adventurer, but always a learner. He enjoys making physical artefacts despite his love towards the ease and powerful world of technology. He also enjoys talking nonsense and making horrible jokes when he is not serious. Pigeon gru gru cocoro.
+60 12 568 5109 hello@shijuns.com shijuns.com
GASTRONOME SYMPHONY What happens when music meets food? The cultural differences between the East and West has made Malaysians to be more adventurous with our taste buds when compared to classical music or fine art, this is especially evident from the recent uprising in our F&B market. Gastronome Symphony is a concept restaurant that blends classical music and local cuisine into a unifying cultural experience. These combinations are presented in the form of photographic imagery with the aim to bring the musical pieces to life in a visual way; and the audience to be reminded of it again the next time when they’re having the same food.