LOH MEI YEN STELLA To her, being a designer means to explore and understand new people, places, and ideas. She wishes to combine creative writing along with visual design, finding the way to unite her client’s desire with her passion.
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IPOH - CITY OF LEISURE How can colours improve wayfinding methods? In efforts to improve the current wayfinding methods, Ipoh - City of Leisure is a town branding project and travel guide mobile application that assigns 3 pantone colours: orange, purple, and turquoise across the different categories of food, heritage, and attractions that Ipoh has to offer. The colour palette draws inspiration from the colours of Ipoh’s official flower, Bougainvillea, which comes in purple and orange; and turquoise, from the water of Ipoh, which is famous to be of good quality. Known as one of the food paradise in Malaysia with interesting old architectures around its town, this streamlined solution aspires to enable its end users to explore Ipoh, one colour at a time.