STEPHANIE WONG PUI YAN A determined graphic designer, also an illustrator, who try to seek positivity among negativity, aspired to fulfil the spirit of a rose – Creativity, Fortitude, Love. Instead of bringing the tension to the audience, turning the darkness into something amusing and fun is her ideal design solution. Her specialities include publication, illustration and storytelling.
+60 19 385 6271 stephaniewpy@gmail.com stephaniewpy.wix.com/stephanie-wong
DEAR FROM THE CITY Can window displays convey humanitarian messages? Deer From The City is a John Lewis window design intended for Autumn — a beautiful and warm season that promotes peace. With all the tragedies happening today, we are in need of peace. Hence, the idea is to promote a safe haven — to build someone a safe haven for this Autumn. The visuals tells the story of a homeless deer trapped in the city and the boy that saved him. There is also a hologram projection mapping to enhance the motion of the illustrated animations.