PHUA WEI ZHENG Being an observant designer, there is always a need to keep track on the latest and the little things that occurs in her daily life. Careful observation is her source of inspiration for many ideas, and traveling in search for a wonderful culture exploration is always her greatest interest.
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THE ART OF OBSESSION How can obsession create chemistry within the art of making? It is all about exploring the idea of obsession, be it through imagery or involuntary impulses. Obsession is not necessarily related to any anxiety disorder which is commonly characterized by intrusive thought. It can take form in the art of making or better known as creative obsession. Through the idea of creative obsession, makers fully exploit the object, mechanism or its content in an obsessively detailed composition in such a way that people can appreciate the beauty of detail in an inanimate object. With obsession, it portrays the level of completion through the continuity of the maker’s hard work, experimentation and exploration. Then, it turns an ordinary object into intricate complexities, just like the Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260.