WONG JOSHUA This man combines his love of graphic design with typography and illustrations. He loves to experience and explore new ideas. He believes that action speaks louder than words. Expressing his artistic values on walls, he believes that all blank walls are canvases that should bring life.
+60 10 766 8039 joshmosh1231@gmail.com behance.net/joshmosh
EXPERIENCE THE UNEXPERIENCED What if our drinking experience can be even more immersive? It is all about exploring the idea of obsession, be it through imagery or involuntary impulses. Obsession is not necessarily related to any anxiety disorder which is commonly characterized by intrusive thought. It can take form in the art of making or better known as creative obsession. Through the idea of creative obsession, makers fully exploit the object, mechanism or its content in an obsessively detailed composition in such a way that people can appreciate the beauty of detail in an inanimate object. With obsession, it portrays the level of completion through the continuity of the maker’s hard work, experimentation and exploration. Then, it turns an ordinary object into intricate complexities, just like the Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260.