TAN YAH MUN She is a designer who finds joy in manipulation, giving a twist to what was old, what was new and what is now. Plotting up the ways to the topographical layouts of design solutions to reimagine what was there and what was left.
+60 16 665 6926 yahmun3@hotmail.com behance.net/yahmun
TRICK Identity distortion within a brand? Adobe Creative Cloud incorporated the use of both desktop and mobile applications to create creative wonders anytime anywhere. While the softwares themselves allow users the tool to easily create, it also allows anyone to capture the magic of little things anywhere to be transformed into creative works. The concept to this reimagined identity is magic trick. To perform a magic trick on a still Adobe Creative Cloud logo by deconstructing the logo itself and have a trick to reconstruct it. Done by using mirrors and reflection to manipulate the trick and to challenge the brief’s only rule of keeping the Creative Cloud shape. Ultimately, to create a cloud where magic happens.